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Sacrifice - Do you give your best to all or some?

       Hello world, this is Greg. It is 2:00 a.m. and my heart and soul is troubled. I hear and read so many things now days of "troubled" kids, including and especially teens, that are doing and saying horrific things. They suffer from "issues" such as addictions, mental disorders, anger and emotional disorders, etc. I wonder, what would Jesus do in these kids lives? Would he  do as we tend to do and push them aside as being "unhelpable", "unreachable", "a danger to themselves or others", "unworthy of help", and the list goes on and on. We, as a people, tend to want to do just these things. I don't know if it because we are afraid of the possibility of "failing" to change these kids lives, being afraid of the influence these kids may have on us or our kids, afraid of the physical damage they could inflict upon us, etc. I believe that this is where we, as a church, should shine! I believe that, as a church, we should make others aware that there isn't ANYTHING too big, dangerous, hard, or unmanageable for our God! At least, there isn't for MY God! If our lives, or our childrens lives, especially the ones that have a strong family base that grew up in a church going, God fearing, household, can be that easily influenced by these kids then we better be worried about the public, the school system, the government, and all other areas of this world where the enemy, the devil and his minions, run rampant. We better be concerned that OUR Godly children, if we dare call them that, aren't the ones that are doing the influencing. Light is stronger than darkness and we are children of the light, remember? Jesus said, and I am paraphrasing here, Don't keep the children from Me. If we, as christians, turn our backs on them and don't invite them into our lives, or our churches, doing just that? Jesus said, paraphrasing again, if you love someone who is lovable, or give someone something other than your best, where is the sacrifice in that? When anyone, especially kids, have "issues", of ANY kind, it is up to us to help them as Jesus did so many when He walked this earth. He told His disciples, you will go on to do greater things than me. If he healed the sick, both mentally and physically, cast out demons, raised the dead, etc. then why in the world would we not take what He said and go out into this world and do it? I didn't say try and do it, DO IT? I am guilty of not doing it also. I am not throwing stones here. What stops us is our faith, pure and simple. I could have said fear, but, fear is of the enemy, or so that is what we tell others who fear, and yet it is true but we try to avoid admitting WE are afraid. We tend to leave the mentally and physically sick alone. We say that we are not doctors, we are not "equipped" to help THOSE people. Tell me. would you call Jesus the great physician? Would you say He healed? He cast out demons? He raised the dead? I have heard of doctors healing people these days, haven't you? I have heard of demons being cast out, haven't you? I have even heard of people dying, then coming back to life, haven't you? If you have the "audacity" to call yourself a "christian", but don't believe ANY of these can be accomplished, especially by you, then I feel very sorry for you. Is YOUR faith that weak? I believe Philippians 4:13 which says, "I can do ALL things through Christ, who gives me strength"....not just the easy things. Next time you come across someone who is unlovable, unreachable, unsavable, or just plain mean, remember, Jesus would welcome that person into His life, and, gave His life for them also. WE WILL DO EVEN GREATER THINGS THAN HE!!! Don't turn them away and make them think that even christians don't want them, after all, then they will assume that they aren't even wanted by Jesus.  Change their life as Jesus would if they come to you or your church. Yes, Juanita and I have taken in some very undesirable kids, and adults, into our home over the years so I can say these things from experience. More times than not they have left better than they came to us. About the ones that left the same, at least we can look back and say that we did all we could and we pray for them. Help these people, after all, fear is of the enemy...remember?   Greg.                                                                        8/28/2013

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Published on: 2013-08-28 (99090 reads)

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