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Are you born again? by SHALOM

What does it mean to be born again? To whom it may concern, I need to inform you of the free gift of God. He has offered everyone eternal life through His Son Jesus Christ. The only thing you need to do is accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and you will have eternal life in paradise when you leave this world. Man has been separated from God ever since Adam and Eve sinned in the garden of Eden. God sent His one and only Son (Jesus) to live a perfect life, then He bore our sins in His very own body and died on the Cross so that we can have eternal life through Jesus Christ. Jesus is called the Lamb of God, in the old testament the Jews would sacrifice a Lamb for their sins so that they would be right with God. But God sent Jesus Christ to die as the perfect sacrifice, once and for all. But we have to accept Him and believe by faith that He lived a sinless life and died in our place and was raised to life 3 days later. When Jesus rose from the grave He defeated death. It doesn’t matter where you have been or what you have done in your life, Jesus Christ will accept you if you accept Him. He has already died in your place, just ask Him to forgive you of your sins and ask Him to help you to live for Him, and if you mean what you say, He will forgive you and will show you the plan He has for your life. Written by SHALOM.

Copyright © by Crossroad2Faith All Right Reserved.

Published on: 2010-01-28 (902 reads)

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